Our Process

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Our Process

Although we offer tax preparation services as an important component of our financial services, we like to look at the big picture, to see your financial situation through a holistic lens. Each element of your financial life - investment choices, risk tolerance level, your personal financial picture and its’ tax impacts - is interconnected and influences the other components. 

As our client, we will review your current financial situation with you, ask lots of questions so we can get to know you, listen carefully to your answers and, together, come up with a strategic plan that will get you to your goals. Being a fee- only practice lets us put you first. We do not sell financial products such as stocks and bonds. Rather, we recommend appropriate investments and assist you in acquiring and managing them. We look at the tax implications of each decision and, in partnership with you, decide how to adjust over time to accommodate personal life changes and varying market conditions.

Being an independent practice lets us think “outside the box”, allowing us be creative and unbiased while maintaining sound and proven financial planning processes and techniques that will enable you to achieve your desired results. To help in this process, we now offer Riskalyze – a cutting edge technology that pinpoints your personal tolerance for risk within your portfolio and assists us in designing your portfolio to meet that level of comfort.

We believe that financial and tax planning are essential components  for life planning. Therefore, we do not have investment level  requirements, rather, we seek educated clients who perceive that an advisor will be able to bring value to their lives. We want you to be a long-term partner in developing and carrying out your financial plans. With appropriate investments, thoughtful financial and tax planning, and ongoing support, it is possible to achieve your financial dreams. 

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