a. Portfolio Design

We can design an investment strategy to meet your particular needs and risk tolerances. An appropriate mix of available investments will be chosen to satisfy required income and growth objectives, while providing flexibility to deal with unexpected events.

b. Risk Analysis

Knowing your personal tolerance for risk within your portfolio is also an important part of Risk management.  Find out what your tolerance is with Riskalyze and let us assist you in designing your portfolio to meet that level of comfort. We will look at volatility, performance and many other components that go into the decision to purchase a particular vehicle.

c. Asset Allocation

Asset allocations are some of the most important decisions that an investor makes.  At Shapiro Financial Security Group, we aim to balance risk and reward in a portfolio’s assets by apportioning an appropriate mix of investments chosen according to an individual's goals, risk tolerances and investment horizon. It is the way you allocate your investments, rather than the specific financial vehicle, that will be the principal determinant of your investment results.

d. Portfolio Rebalancing

Different assets produce different returns at different times. Invariably, your portfolio will become over- or under-allocated in one or more areas and will need to be rebalanced to continue to achieve your desired result. We offer ongoing analysis to be sure your portfolio continues to meet your goals.

e. Tax Management

Different assets have different tax implications. Our goal is to minimize tax liability while maximizing portfolio returns.

f. Investment Research

We actively research available financial products that may be of value to our clients. Fidelity Investments is our primary financial custodian, but as an independent investment advisory, we are able to recommend unique options that may serve your individual investment needs.