a. Retirement Planning

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy extra cash flow now while also knowing that your retirement needs will be met in the future? We can help you determine what you need to put away now and the best way to invest the funds to reach the retirement of your dreams. Let us help you walk through the confusing maze of IRA’s, 401k’s, annuities and required minimum distributions.

b. Estate Planning

What legacy do you want to leave? Is it to create for education for your grandchildren? Is it to create a charitable trust? Or simply maximizing the wealth passing to your children? We can design an estate plan that meets all of your goals while minimizing estate taxes.

c. Tax Planning

The goal of tax planning is to minimize tax liability and reduce taxes on your income so you keep more of what you earn. It is an integral part of Personal Financial Planning and Investment Management Services allowing all of the other elements of a financial plan to be executed in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

d. Education Funding

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is a solid education. Unfortunately, the cost of a college education comes at a high price. Thankfully, there are options to help make the goal of a college education more affordable. We can create a funding approach to suit your needs & objectives.

e. Debt Restructuring

If you're considering refinancing your mortgage, consolidating debts, or otherwise dealing with your debt burden, we can analyze all the options open to you and recommend the most suitable approach.

f. Asset Management

We can design an investment strategy to meet your particular needs and risk tolerances. An appropriate mix of available investments will be chosen to satisfy required income and growth objectives, while providing flexibility to deal with unexpected events.

g. Cash Flow Analysis and Business Planning

If you're planning a major investment in real estate, a business, or financial instruments, we can advise you on the tax implications, the risks and likely returns, and the investment effect on your overall finances.

h. Employee Stock Option Planning

Studies have shown that most employees lack the training to comprehend the value of their option holdings and the confidence to manage them. We help our clients respond to this problem by delivering a personalized education, monitoring and advisory service that will provide you with a greater understanding of your equity compensation package. It will also reduce the emotional bias from your decisions, and empower you to take timely and prudent action, to maximize the wealth building potential of your option portfolio.

i. Employee Benefits

The value of your job goes far beyond the salary you receive. Retirement plans, insurance, deferred compensation, & stock grants can add significantly to your net worth or income. We can help explain your benefits to you and develop a strategy to maximize the value of the benefits available to you.

j. Risk Analysis and Management

The best plans are not very sound if they do not have the right safety nets to protect against unexpected or undesirable events. Our comprehensive financial planning services include a review of all of your insurance coverages to ensure that your assets, income & loved ones are properly protected.