We are excited to offer the Nitrogen program which helps us to quantify what a client’s comfort for taking risk might be, and then comparing that risk level to the risk level within their investment portfolio.

Until now, it has been a very subjective process to determine a client’s risk profile, Risk tolerance is determined as: 

  • Low
  • Low-Moderate
  • Moderate
  • Moderate – High
  • High

Nitrogen core technology is built on the academic framework that won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2002 and helps Investment Advisors and clients, working together, to match their comfortable risk level to their investment portfolio.

It should take 10-15 minutes maximum to answer the questions.  After the first few questions, the program may ask you to answer a few extra questions if you want a more detailed review, Please say yes as these additional questions may make a difference in the analysis.

The questions are easy; they simply ask your preference comparing alternative A to alternative B.

Once you complete the questionnaire, we will be notified and can start working with you to verify that your investments are at your comfort levels.